The Chambermaid
Título original:
Estreno: 2023-02-02.
Director: Mariana Čengel Solčanská.
Actores: Dana Droppová,Radka Caldová,Zuzana Mauréry,Vica Kerekes,Anna Geislerová,Karel Dobrý,Cyril Dobrý,Lukáš Pelč,Peter Nádašdi,Marko Igonda
Duración: 100 min.
Edad Recomendada: Todas las Edades..
Género: Drama,History,Romance.

Just before World War 1, the fifteen-year-old poverty-stricken Anne from a small Slovak town is sent to Prague to be a maid in a wealthy family. She meets Resi, the daughter of a noble family, who was born and raised to be an adornment and a trophy – of the house, of her family, of Austria-Hungary. Anne and Resi, two girls born in the same year, but at the other ends of the social ladder, find a soulmate in each other. They become best friends, lovers and the only light in a male-dominated world.

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