Love on the Rock
Título original:
Estreno: 2021-10-14.
Director: Matt Shapira.
Actores: David A.R. White,Steven Bauer,Jon Lovitz,Jeff Fahey,Lauriane Gilliéron,Nathalie Rapti Gomez,Matthew Marsden,Vincent De Paul,Kira Reed Lorsch,Andrei Claude,Yaz Canli,Paul Piercy,Andrea Sabatino
Duración: 99 min.
Edad Recomendada: Todas las Edades..
Género: Action,Adventure,Romance.

Colton Riggs down on his life, runs away to the Caribbean to leave his worries behind. When he accidentally picks up a serum that has the ability to heal disease. While being hunted by the operatives to get it back, he falls in love with a woman who is also trying to get away. In a twist, the operatives realize that Colton knows nothing about the serum. At his breaking point, Colton is ready to give up. But then he learns that his ex-wife has passed away and he has a daughter. This revives Colton\’s will to live and shows him there is a purpose for every single life. So, he steps into his calling to retrieve the serum and win back the girl.

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