Título original:
Estreno: 2022-11-02.
Director: Lotfy Nathan.
Actores: Adam Bessa,Ikbal Harbi,Najib Allagui,Salima Maatoug,Khaled Brahem,Hsouna Heni,Jamel Madani,Mohamed Ouni,Elyes Riahi,Mohamed Nsibi,Khaled Barsaoui,Moez Hannachi,Yahya Faidi,Arij Sebai,Monji Ben Said,Boulbeba Hedili,Anoir Nasr,Islem Ben Mlouka,Amine Zaafouri,Sajir Mkacher
Duración: 90 min.
Edad Recomendada: Todas las Edades..
Género: Drama.

Ali is a young Tunisian who dreams of a better life and ekes out a lonely existence selling contraband oil on the black market. When his father dies, he is forced to care for his two younger sisters who have been left to their own devices in a house from which they will soon be evicted. As he wrestles with the sudden weight of responsibility and the injustices he faces, anger and indignation stir within Ali – that of a generation still fighting to be heard more than a decade after the revolution…

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